About Us


When you connect to nature you can connect with your true self. Only then can you fully blossom.

“True power is the power to be yourself.” –Guru Jagat


Founder Heather Hallett’s personal spiritual and wellness journey sparked her desire to help others on their path to wellbeing. When she discovered the healing modalities of reiki, yoga, music, intuitive healing, and herbs, she became curious about how these spiritual practices could be amplified.

Chakra Blossom began as a yoga-creative-wellness sanctuary in Portland and has since transformed into an online shop and community where Heather’s passion for slow fashion and sustainably-crafted and sourced wellness products come together. Chakra Blossom’s mission is to help others in their wellness & spiritual journeys and celebrates and honors the earth through responsibly-made goods and the people behind them. 


Live Life Well.

Wellbeing for the mind & body is essential

Planet First

Celebrate, honor & protect the Earth’s many gifts.

Create Connection

to nature & community.

Be One-of-a-Kind.

We value self-expression and the exploration and discovery of our truest selves.

"Sat Nam" A mantra used in Kundalini. Literally means: Truth/name… “I am truth or truth is my essence.” Sat Nam is about expressing your true identity for the benefit of yourself and others.*