Studio Feature: VK Designs Ethical Jewelry


A focus on responsible sourcing.


Women owned. Every piece of jewelry is hand crafted one at a time.

Valerie is the inspired maker behind VK Designs. She has forged her own way in goldsmithing - designing and fabricating each piece that comes out of the studio. All metals and gems are responsibly sourced and crafted by hand, one at a time.


VK Designs is dedicated to using ethically obtained materials in the belief that every person deserves respect and the chance at a healthy life.

Valerie transforms responsibly-sourced precious metals and unexpected cuts of diamonds and sapphires into small monuments of infused symbolism.

She is a traditionally trained goldsmith with years of experience on the bench and designing directly with clients to create eloquent designs that are notably comfortable and enduring.


The forms are modern, sleek, and quietly organic.


Valerie started her metalsmith studies in sculpture, and she found her designs evolving into smaller, more symbolic sculptures – jewelry. When Valerie is not busy forging, casting, or finishing jewelry, she enjoys creating art in other ways, including figure drawing, fashion and landscaping.


Watch Valerie at work in this video: