5. Throat Chakra - the Communication Center

Position of chakra 5 on the human body
Chakra 5 Symbol

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha
Translation: “Purification”
Location: Throat
Color: Blue (also Light Blue)
Vibrational Sound: “HAM”
Musical Scale Note: G
Element: Sound
Right(s): To Speak, Be Heard
Affirmation: “I am honest.”

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The Sanskrit name for this chakra is "Vishuddha"(pronounced “vee-shoo-duh”). It's associated with communication, honesty, seeking and speaking the truth, self-expression, personal integrity, listening, rhythm, timing, and creative expression.

Gemstones that resonate with and are used to activate and/or balance this chakra are Angelite, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, and Amazonite.

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Affirmations for Chakra Five


  • I seek the truth.
  • I speak the truth.
  • I am connected to sound.
  • The world around me is like a symphony - exhilarating or soothing, it lifts my soul with nourishing rhythms and melodies.
  • I express my thoughts and feelings with conviction.
  • I speak from my heart.
  • I am heard.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I allow the world to see, hear, and know the real me.
  • I act with integrity.
  • I live and breathe an authentic life.
  • I nurture my soul with creative expression.
  • My energy resonates with sincerity, honesty, integrity, and honor.

Seven Chakras Info and Affirmation Card Set by Knowing the Soul

The above affirmations are from our Seven Chakras Info and Affirmation Card Set.